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Midwinter (7.1.-21.3.)

Venture out into nature on a nippy day or enjoy the slopes or ski tracks when it isn't quite as cold. If you're looking for snow, this is the time for you as banks rise high and blizzards are common.

As the new year begins, the days are getting longer as the winter’s polar night slowly recedes. Although the polar night may still continue, light begins to actively push through the darkness, creating a unique atmosphere that cannot be experienced elsewhere.

In mid-winter, the snow banks rise to majestic heights and the snowiest time of the year downright invites you outside to take advantage of all the activity opportunities Lapland has to offer. The soft powder snow and the increasing light create a Lappish winter wonderland. Its amazing nature can be explored, for example, with snow shoes or gliding snow shoes, which are ideal to use on powder snow. In addition to marvelling the Lappish nature, you can also experience the thrill of speed with a reindeer ride, a husky safari or snow-sledding.

Midwinter in Lapland and the prolongation of the days are unparalleled, and are really worth taking the most out of.

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