Electric snowmobile adventuresEnjoy the arctic nature with new silent and emission free electric snowmobiles

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Electric snowmobile adventures

Do you enjoy snowmobiling in magnificent winter scenery? We are among the first in Finland to introduce electric snowmobiles, offering a silent ride that allows you to experience Lapland's stunning landscapes in an entirely new way. With the silent electric snowmobile, you will leave more space to your senses and less carbon footprint in nature. Imagine the feeling of gliding along the snowy and open landscapes of Lapland on an electric snowmobile while enjoying the tranquility of the northern wilderness.


All of our electric snowmobile safaris are led by professional guides, ensuring you a safe and unforgettable experience in the breathtaking Lapland nature. We organize electric snowmobile safaris in Rovaniemi and Luosto. You can choose from tours that include crossing the Arctic Circle, riding through the wilderness, and discovering the phenomena of the northern lights with our new electric snowmobiles. The electric snowmobile experiences are designed for short-distance guided tours, and our selection of snowmobile safaris ranges from 2 to 3 hours, suitable for everyone with a car or motorcycle driving license. Additionally, there is the possibility to electrify your experience in some of our other snowmobile tours, such as a snowmobile safari to a reindeer farm or a husky kennel in Rovaniemi, or a tour to the Amethyst Mine or an ice fishing tour in Luosto.

The first electric snowmobile safaris were carried out in January 2024.


The popularity of electric snowmobile safaris has grown already during the first winter – eco-friendly snowmobiles help build the future of snowmobile safaris

This winter, customers of the largest experience service company in the Nordic countries, Lapland Safaris, have been able to experience the nature of Lapland on zero-emission and almost silent electric snowmobiles. The electric snowmobile safaris began at the beginning of January, and demand for them has been growing during the first couple of months of operation. Customers have given Lapland Safaris positive feedback on, for example, how comfortable electric snowmobiles are to ride and the opportunity to experience the northern nature in a new way. Read more >> (moves to laplandhotels.com)

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