Local Culture Experiencesin Lapland

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Local Culture Experiences

The local lifestyle of the North is strongly connected with nature as the Finns have a close relationship with their surroundings. These excursions introduce you to everything that life in Lapland is made of.

Today you will experience the silence, beauty and importance of the Lappish nature all the while learning some fascinating new wilderness skills!

On arrival at the forest, we will jump into a small rowing boat. Our guide will take us over the picturesque, crystal-clear lake to a wilderness cabin.

We will spend a relaxing day in the pure Lappish nature; fishing, picking seasonal berries or mushrooms, collecting fresh natural spring water, making a fire and making tasty burgers for lunch while listening to fascinating stories of the Arctic wilderness. There is even a chance to take a refreshing dip in the lake! With our batteries recharged, and some new skills and memories to take home with us, we will row back over the lake to the car and return to the village.

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