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This little village of Northern Lapland is located in a fell area, by the Urho Kekkonen National Park.

Saariselkä is a powerful part of Lapland – a place full of events. The village and its surroundings provide travellers with the opportunity to experience the reality of the North and the powerful current of exoticism that runs through it. The glimmer of the gold country, a place packed with legends, as well as the Sami culture and reindeer husbandry are authentic aspects of Lapland. The untouched wilderness has remained unspoiled for millennia. Numerous rivers, lakes and fells dot the landscape. Lapland’s seasons are full of magic. Both the Aurora Borealis that light the sky during the dark period and the nightless nights of summer set the stage for nature’s own spectacles.

The village of Saariselkä is inhabited all year round. Its hotels, restaurants, stores, the spa and other amenities are all a stone’s throw away from each other. After the day’s activities, locals and travellers occupy the nightspots which are often enlivened by musical performances.

As we climb up the fells of the area, the big forest merges into dwarf trees and bushes. Some of the summits are treeless, offering incredible views of the infinite landscape.

Saariselkä is the ideal destination for those looking for an authentic and natural experience in Lapland. A good local infrastructure and a nice selection of hotels provides a comfortable base to explore winter at its best. Highlights include breathtaking snowmobile safaris on the fells, rides with husky sledges in the wilderness around the beautiful Urho Kekkonen National Park and a peaceful and traditional visit to an authentic reindeer farm hidden deep in the forest.


Saariselkä is well known for its gold rushes. The biggest golden nugget ever found in Finland was found in the Luttojoki and it weighed 393 g. It's safe to assume Evert Kiviniemi was very happy the day he found it. It is still possible to find gold in the Saariselkä area. Many amateur gold diggers come to Lapland, and there are still a few professionals making their living from it.

The Urho Kekkonen National Park offers great surroundings for outdoor activities. In the summertime you can enjoy the magical Lapland nature and mountain landscape by hiking, cycling, or paddling on the river.


In case you feel like you don’t need a guide, we also offer our equipment for rent. You can also rent fatbikes, snowshoes, skis and a wide variety of different camping equipment.



Below you can check our location in Saariselkä, our visiting times and the times when we will be happy to help you on the phone even when our doors are closed.


Saariseläntie 13
FI-99830 Saariselkä
Tel: +358 16 3311 280
E-mail: saariselka@laplandsafaris.fi


Monday to Saturday: 9 AM to 3 PM, closed on Sundays.

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SAFARI HOTLINE: +358 16 3311 280

The Safari hotline are open Monday to Saturday from 9 AM to 3 PM, closed on Sundays.

The Safari hotline are open Monday to Thursday from 9 AM to 3 PM.


- Ivalo airport: 27 km
- Rovaniemi: 258 km
- Santa Claus Village: 249 km
- North Cape, Norway: 450 km
- Helsinki: 1068 km to the south

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